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'''James Simmons''' may refer to: * James Simmons (poet) (1933–2001), Irish poet, literary critic and songwriter * James Simmons (1741–1807), Canterbury newspaper proprietor, banker, mill owner, mayor and M.P. * James A. Simmons (scientist), American researcher in bat echolocation * James Aubrey Simmons (1897–1979), Canadian politician and notary * James B. Simmons (1826/7–1905), recording secretary American Baptist Home Mission Society, 1867–1874 * James F. Simmons (1795–1864), United States Senator from Rhode Island * James S. Simmons (1861–1935), United States Representative from New York * James Simmons (footballer), English footballer who played for Sheffield United * James M. Simmons (born 1942), musician and President of Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas * James Simmons (actor), in films such as ''Henry V (1989 film)|Henry V'' * Jim Simmons (American football) (1903–1977),...
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